Welcome 144th A-100 Class

Welcome to the 144th A-100 Guide to Washington DC

The purpose of this wiki site is to help provide everyone some insight into the many great things the Washington metro area has to offer. It is also is way to help keep in touch after A-100. You can post information about any events you are organizing. There are pages to upload photos, make announcements for any major events happening in your life that you want to share. Also you are encouraged to post reviews of your favorite, or not so favorite restaurants, museums, festivals or anything else you think other A-100 classmates would be interested in. This is a collaborative site, so the more you are involved the better it becomes.


Everyone who is a member of this wiki site has the ability to edit the pages. You can not create additional pages but if you think there is the need please contact an administrator listed on the contact page.

  • You may add information but do not remove anything that is not yours.
  • Please do not post multiple reviews of the same restaurant/festival/etc
  • Be respectful
  • Have fun and share your knowledge of DC!

How to Edit Pages:

  • Go to bottom of page and click on EDIT
  • Screen will change to show and editing panel
  • Add your information - similar to a Word Document
  • Check how your information looks by clicking PREVIEW
  • When done hit SAVE to add changes
  • You do not need to write a description of the changes
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